Sunday, April 26, 2009

military top

havent you heard? military top is absolu-fucking-ly so "in" this season. thanks to Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Burberry. now, right here in malaysia itself, from Think Tank Top, below is a must-have. totally. rocks.

smocked back for a more girly version of military top. so, what are you waiting for? hit me with your mail right here, right now!

condition: perfect :P
fits: uk6-10
price: rm50

the polka sensation

i suck in these photos. sorry was a bit stoned when my friend help me took these. i havent been sleeping well for many many days now... i look worst than a panda now O_O
so girls, please help me out here. grab this polka sensation rightaway!

condition: very very good
fits: uk6-8
price: rm35

a/w collection

pink's the "in" colour for our autumn/summer collection. so here you go. something pink with eyelet sleeve and yummy buttons all the way down. they're not dummy buttons, by the way. one thing to take note is that the pink is a little faded. not because it's washed or worn out, but because it comes like that. a little faded here and there, just like the all famous faded jeans.
see the corset belt? let me hear you scream ooh and ahh!!! goes perfectly nice with everything! those who agrees with me, please stand up, please stand up. LOL. so eminem.

condition: good. but it looks old cause it's faded... no worries, darl, it comes like tat :P
fits: uk6-10
price: rm25

condition: tip-top
fits: uk6-10 (stretchable, yo)
price: uk49

give me a T

think: tank tops. i love tank tops. so much so that i name this blog after tank top. and seeing how many times i have been repeating tank tops over and over really shows that im one who cannot live without tank tops. sorry, im getting lame. haha. but yes, you get the drift -- tank tops, no girl can have too many.

condition: great
fits: strictly for uk6 only
price: rm30

wat's love?

this (points above) is love. hahaha. stripey vintage top with yellow lines. pair it with that dark blue high waisted skirt, and you're good to go. ooh. wear it with that red pump. you're sure to be the center of attention that night! :)
both top and skirt are so versatile you can wear em on their own. dont we love mix and match? *wink*
condition: superbly good
fits: uk6-10
price: rm50
condition: superbly good as well
fits: uk6-8
price: rm50

First review! :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009


from the design and layout of the picture, you can correctly guess this bracelet is from the all famous, The Envelope blogshop. it was the big thing in town. everyone was fighting to lay their hands on em. i got lucky tat day and manage the snap the last one. but little did i know that i have an almost similar one from Diva. y'know, one of those compulsive buys.. sigh.
so here you go, Gabbie in dark blue is up for grabs. wait no longer! hit me at right now!